Application Requirements

Congratulations! You are about to begin our online application process. To successfully submit your application, you will need all of the following in a digital file format so that you can upload and submit to our online system. Please note that you cannot submit the application if anything is missing, so be sure you have everything you need before you start.


  • Proof of high school completion OR higher education coursework—unofficial transcripts, a copy of your diploma, or proof of enrollment are acceptable
  • A 500-word essay on your health philosophy and career interests
  • A digital passport-style photo of yourself, which will be the image used for your student ID

In order to proceed to the application page, please review the following computer skills and equipment requirements and click the “Apply Now” button below.


  • Software: Students must be able to use basic word processing software to create documents. This includes using templates, making tables, and inserting headers, footers, and graphics into documents. These skills will be required to complete homework assignments.
  • PDF Handling: Students will need to be able to open, view, and convert documents to PDF format as part of their studies.
  • Web and Web Application Skills: Basic proficiency in the use of a web browser and basic web applications will be necessary. These will range from internet research, use of online nutrition analysis tools, participation in the Bauman College Community Forum, and working in our web-based Student Dashboard to access the Bauman Business Institute, course materials, and quizzes, and to upload/download homework.
  • Gmail: Email is the primary means of communication at Bauman College. A Gmail account is required to optimize your experience during the course of your education. Students are expected to have an active Gmail account and to regularly check and respond to email. Please sign up for a free Gmail account if you don’t already have one.

If you have any questions about your computer skills, hardware, software, or any issue related to this form, please contact the Admissions office so we can be of assistance.

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