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Bauman College has been a leader in holistic nutrition and culinary arts since 1989. In this time of rising health care costs and declining health trends, Bauman College is uniquely positioned to address the health crisis through education and empowerment by providing people with critical information so that they can take more control of their health.

We have trained thousands of passionate and skilled graduates to raise public awareness of the unquestionable benefits of whole foods. Our graduates are enhancing the health and vitality of their communities, working in a variety of settings—including private practice, clinics, and nonprofits—to bring nourishment and nutrition education to a wide audience. Our graduates are also changing the landscape of the food industry and working to improve food policy.

Now is the time for Bauman College to extend its reach and we need your financial and networking support to fund:

  1. Scholarships
  2. Program expansions
  3. Public education

We are incredibly grateful to all of the donors who are making a generous contribution to support the mission of Bauman College—helping others shift from a focus on convenience to one involving conscious eating, teaching self-care as health care, and reversing the upward trend of chronic illness.

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