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Author Topic: Love Being Green? Try out this Smoothie recipe!  (Read 4998 times)

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Love Being Green? Try out this Smoothie recipe!
« on: April 12, 2007, 11:18:49 AM »

Hello fellow green lovers!
I have this wonderful little book passed onto me by a dear friend on eating green. The book is about intiving more greens i.e. kale, chard, turnip greens, celery, spinach, etc. into your life in the way of smoothies. No, it isn't the usual juicing routine, you actually eat the whole "kit and caboodle!" With a little help from your Vita Mix, you are on you way to wonderfull greenness. Here is a basic recipe I tried with my friend. She drinks it for breakfast or when she is not able to sit down for a regular meal. Allot better than heading for the junkfood pile or a dreaded powerbar, yuck!

Book: "Green For Life"
        Victoria Boutenko
      Raw Family Publishing

         2 Dinosaur kale leaves
         2 curly kale leaves
         2 turnip top leaves
         1 small handfull parsley
         1 large garlic clove (minced into paste)
         1 T chopped ginger
         1-2 C Organic, unfiltered apple juice (goal is a frothy, milky consistancy)

          Blend in Vita Mix "very" well into a frothy, milky texture  (about 2 min or so)
          Serve with love and health!

       ~Amanda Darnell~

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Re: Love Being Green? Try out this Smoothie recipe!
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2007, 08:45:02 PM »

Sounds like a spicey/sweet/green concoction...almost too healthy.

I find that 'super healthy' and 'delicious' is a fine line, but I personally enjoy super healthy for the pure enjoyment of knowing I'm eating healthy.

One word of caution on eating alot of raw greens. Oxalic acid found in green leafy vegetables (and other vegetables, highest content found in raw rubarb leafs) can build up in your body (mainly kidneys) and accually bind minerals, mainly calcium. 

To avoid this effect, you could lightly steam veggies to help neutralize this acid. Or just be sure to blend thouroghly (about 2-3 min in high powered vita-mixer)

Tell me what you eat, and I'll tell you what you will become!

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Re: Love Being Green? Try out this Smoothie recipe!
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2007, 07:31:59 PM »
Thanks Jay-
I did have some reservations about consuming too much raw veggies for the particular reason you mentioned, yet I do love the taste of fresh raw veggies. Thanks for the suggestion of lightly steaming. Nice compromise :)