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Client Attracting/Profit Producing Website
« on: January 03, 2011, 10:43:48 AM »
Just wanted to invite you to an upcoming teleclass I'm giving next week.  Here is the press release for the deets:

Healthy Business Coaching Hosts Free Teleclass "Give Your Website a New Year Make-Over

Business and Marketing Coach Cheryl Heppard is hosting a free teleclass for health and wellness practitioiners on how to create an effective and profitable website which is profitable in 2011

West Bloomfield, MI (PRWEB) January 5, 2011 -- West Bloomfield, MI January 3, 2011

Cheryl Heppard, founder of Healthy Business Coaching, is offering a free teleclass “New Year's Website Make-Over Workshop: Create a More Profitable Website in 2011” on Thursday, January 13th, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. ET. The workshop will reveal proven and tested strategies to help increase website effectiveness and profitably.

 "So many businesses are leaving money on the table in the form of bad websites", says Cheryl Heppard, founder of Healthy Business Coaching  Heppard is a business and marketing coach for small business owners and specializes in health and wellness related companies.

"It's crucial for entrepreneurs to understand the possibilities for increasing their income and leveraging hidden income opportunities. I wanted to host a call that helps create additional income sources simply by creating an effective website because I see so many small businesses who are leaving money on the table in the form of bad websites", says Heppard.

Heppard will be teaching how to create a website that attracts clients, is easy to update, inexpensive and also approved of by Google. This class is designed to help make websites more effective AND profitable!

The topics covered on the free call include:

-Proven methods to have a website that ranks high in the search engines
-The 2 elements every website worth it's hosting fees MUST have
-A 5 step method for creating a profitable website
-Simple and uncomplicated strategies for attracting more clients
-The Top 3 ways to make money from your website
-The #1 best platform for designing, building and maintaining a website
-Top five biggest mistakes often seen on websites

Workshop participants can listen to the teleclass via phone or through the computer.

To register for this workshop, use the following link to receive call instructions. All registrants will receive a recording of the call in case the call timing isn’t convenient.

Space is limited on the bridgeline. Register for the call here using the following link: