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Author Topic: Another Assault on our Health Care Freedom  (Read 4883 times)

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Another Assault on our Health Care Freedom
« on: April 27, 2007, 10:29:07 AM »
Hi, all.

I just received the following email from Dr. Robert Rowen, who publishes an alternative health newsletter.  I think it might be of general interest.  I don't know anything about the organization it references. The name of the organization is the American Association for Health Freedom.  I would be interested in knowing whether anyone is familiar with it and thinks it is a worthwhile group to donate to.

Wendy Portnuff

Second Opinion Health Alert,  April 27, 2007
Robert Jay Rowen, MD
Another attack on your medical freedom

I told you earlier this week about an opportunity to tell the FDA why you like alternative medicine. If you haven't done so, please take this opportunity to tell them your story. Unfortunately, the FDA isn't the only thing we have to worry about. Congress is going after alternative medicine, too.

Instead of attacking alternative medicine outright, though, Congress is tring to "divide and conquer." A new bill under consideration has singled out one wing of alternative medicine - compounding pharmacies. If you've read my articles for very long, you've probably heard me tell you about all the wonderful remedies available through a compounding pharmacy. One of the most popular was a recipe for eye drops that stop - and even reverse - cataracts. A lot of my readers used the drops and have seen tremendous results.

But if this bill is signed into law, those people would have to undergo surgery - a very costly and more risky procedure.

These pharmacies are your real friends. They will specially make up a prescription for you exactly as prescribed by your integrative physician. But they are like a mosquito on the hide of Big Pharma. They siphon a bit of business from them, like providing natural hormones and other medications without chemicals or preservatives. Of course, the drug companies don't like to lose any business. So they tell the government these pharmacies are a danger to your health.

While we know better, Senators Kennedy (D-MA), Burr (R-NC), and Roberts (R-KS) are among those who listened to the drug companies (contributions go a long way) and are considering this legislation. It would severely restrict and possibly deny your access to critical medications provided by compounding pharmacies. This is typical of politicians believing they know what is best for your body.

If you live in Massachusetts, North Carolina, or Kansas, please call your senator's office immediately. Tell him that you do not support legislation restricting your access to compounding pharmacies. Please call immediately. Here are their phone numbers:

Sen. Kennedy - 202-224-4543
Sen. Burr - 202-224-3154
Sen. Roberts - 202-224-4774

Even if you live in other states, don't hesitate to call these senators. The more they hear, the better. I also suggest you call your own senators and tell them how you feel.

But that's not all you can do. You can make a huge difference by joining or contributing to the American Association for Health Freedom. This fantastic organization is constantly fighting the battles to protect your rights. For more information, please contact Brenna Hill, the executive director of the American Association for Health Freedom. Visit them at

Please take action today. We don't want to lose our access to compounding pharmacies - or even have our access limited. Your phone calls and support are the only way to stop this legislation. Call today!

Yours for better health and medical freedom,
Robert Jay Rowen, MD