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Author Topic: Nutrition Skills Initiative @ W. Oakland Middle School: Garden Veggie Quesadilla  (Read 4288 times)


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“Nutrition Skills Initiative at West Oakland Middle School”
5/26/11 5:30-7:00pm
Adrienne Lee, Natural Chef and Outreach Representative for Bauman College in Berkeley

Through a partnership between Bauman College, OBUGS (Oakland Based Urban Gardens), Lifelong Medical, and the Alameda County Public Health Department, Adrienne Lee presented a cooking demo with “Take-Home Nutrition” info at the West Oakland Middle School. Students, families, and staff enjoyed the healthy take on a classic: “Garden Veggie Quesadillas,” made with fresh greens from the school garden and vegetables donated by Phat Beets Produce.  This event was a program of Bauman College’s Nutrition Skills Initiative.  Check out the link to the recipe below.