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Author Topic: Lecture Series at Cal - Edible Education: The Rise & Future of the Food Movement  (Read 2041 times)

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Alice Waters' Chez Panisse Foundation, as if they aren't dynamic enough, has presented a lecture series that started two weeks ago at Cal, Berkeley. The class is full, but it is open to the public to stream the lectures. First, clock the link below and it will provide in a course description and lecture descriptions, and the speakers. I sat in on the lecure with Carlo Petrini. VERY inspiring. Now I want my kids to be farmers   ; ) 

Lots of local movers and shakers are involved as well (Nikki Henderson, who is the standing Executive Director of People's Grocery moderated and made some introductions, as she will throughout the series, I think. Alice Waters sat in on the first lecture, and she, along with Michael Pollan, are set to speak later on in the series.

Marion Nestle is set to speak tomorrow night, September 13th. Very cool.
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