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Feel rejuvenated and cleanse your mind, body and spirit to prepare for Spring! Join Dr. Jennifer Strider (ND), of Simple Family Health, and Amy Griffith, certified Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant, of Embrace Health & Nutrition, and Bauman grad, for a 21-day food and juice cleanse. Learn to prepare simple, delicious meals that allow your body time and space to get rid of unwanted toxins and eliminate your need for sugar and other processed foods, supplementing with gentle detoxifying herbs and homeopathy. This cleanse is not just raw food, juicing or the same thing every day - we will keep things interesting and fun, while also cleansing your body of the gunk it doesn’t need.
#1: During A SIMPLE CLEANSE, Jennifer and Amy will help you to make temporary, incremental changes to your diet to eliminate gluten, soy, eggs, dairy, meat and refined carbohydrates (all possible allergens or hard-to-digest foods). This will help you to identify possible irritants present in your current eating habits, helping you to make the decision about eliminating them or eating them in moderation once the cleanse is done.
#2: We believe in empowering one another, so we are offering two possible times and days per week over 4 weeks that we will host A SIMPLE CLEANSE group circles, where we can all share our successes, challenges, lessons learned and questions as we go through this process together.
#3: Not only do you get two experienced and supportive advocates in your corner to support you during the cleanse, but you get a doctor and a nutritionist! With their combined experience in health and wellness, cooking and food prep, Jennifer and Amy are the perfect team that will help you get the most out of your cleanse.
#4:That’s right…Jennifer and Amy will be doing the cleanse right along with the group. It has been awhile for both of them since they really gave their bodies a break, too. They want to ensure they are the best possible support system for the group. And what better way to be able to relate to everyone than to dedicate 21-days to this themselves.
Jennifer and Amy will be leading two informational meetings on Thursday, February 21st, at 5pm and Friday, February 22nd, at 12pm. For more information, please reply to this post and you will be informed of the details. AND REMEMBER: YOU DESERVE IT!
Amy Griffith, certified Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant, helps her clients with digestion to nourish their bodies with delicious food to discover vibrant health and happiness. She teaches them how to love food while still eating healthful, easy-to-prepare meals. Who says loving your food and eating healthfully can’t be done?
Dr. Jennifer Strider is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a family practice in Oakland, California. She believes that the greatest healing power is the one you already possess, your body's natural desire to be healthy. Dr. Strider uses a variety of therapies to encourage this innate wisdom including herbal medicine, flower essences, nutritional therapies and homeopathy.
Amy Griffith