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Author Topic: Food Therapy's Spring Detox Starts April 2!  (Read 1632 times)

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Food Therapy's Spring Detox Starts April 2!
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:09:31 PM »
 For those of you ready for a kick start into feeling AWESOME, my next group detox is scheduled to start April 2 (register by March 27). You can get a jump start by registering now!
 This Comprehensive Holistic Detoxification Program is great for so many things, including:
 *Jump starting weight loss
 *Improving body composition ie: losing body fat
 *Detoxing from medications, hospital stays, medical procedures, surgeries, IVF, chemicals, heavy metals, toxins
 * Enhancing Fertility
 *Kicking Sugar & Caffeine Habits
 *Increasing Energy
 * Resetting a Healthy Relationship with Food
 *Better skin, better sleep, better MOOD!
 * Reduced Pain & Inflammation
 *Lowering Cholesterol
 * Identifying food sensitivities
 * Better Digestion
 * More Presence, Calm, & Peace in Your Life
 Read what my inspiring graduates are saying...
 If you have questions, please call me: 415-407-7339 or email me:
 Details here:
Kristin Hoppe, BS, NC
Certified Nutrition Consultant & Natural Chef