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Author Topic: Online Business Guidance--Esty shop, blogging, marketing, etc  (Read 1695 times)

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Hi Bauman Family,

I consider myself an internet entrepreneur and would love to help those of you who are interested in selling your goods/services to the online market.  I am experienced with Etsy, blog creation and writing, social media marketing, graphic design and I would love to help you create your dreams!  My prices are affordable and I am open to whatever ideas you have.  I would love to help spread the word as far as wide about eating healthy and living a green lifestyle, so that means connecting with as many people as possible.  Together we create the change we wish to see! 

Contact me via e-mail for more information about my services.

You can check out more about me at my website:  and/or my Etsy shop:

Best wishes,
Gina Gibbons