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Author Topic: A healthy dessert - Chia and Cardamom Pudding  (Read 2472 times)

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A healthy dessert - Chia and Cardamom Pudding
« on: October 07, 2013, 05:14:38 PM »
My daughter who is 7 has a pretty strict diet due to food sensitivities.  She hardly eats treats, sweets, desserts.  It was exciting when we came across this recipe which includes ingredients she can eat and is a healthy dessert.  We LOVED it!  We found it on the Green Kitchen Stories dessert app.

Here is a link to their website:

Chia & Cardamom Pudding


6 tbsp chia seeds
2 1/2 cups plant milk of choice
2 fresh soft medjool-like dates, pitted
1 tbsp coconut oil, room temperature
1 pinch sea salt
1/2 tsp vanilla extract or ground vanilla
1/2 tsp ground cardamom
1/2 tsp ground ginger (we left this ingredient out)


1. Place chia seeds in a large bowl and set aside
2. Add plant milk and the rest of the ingredients in a blender.  Blend on high speed until smooth
3. Pour the milk mixture over the chia seeds, whisk to combine
4. Whisk every 5 minutes for about 15 minutes, then place in the fridge over night
5. Serve chilled in bowls topped with berries and finely chopped pistachio nuts

We did not do #5 and instead we added:

1 pinch of cinnamon
1 pinch nutmeg