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Author Topic: Ladies Chef pants for sale  (Read 2041 times)

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Ladies Chef pants for sale
« on: October 10, 2013, 09:56:19 AM »
I just bought some chef pants on line - I ordered a small and medium of 2 types as I didn't know which would fit. Amazingly the small fit (I'm a UK 10-12 don't know what that is in USA language), so if anyone is interested in buying the medium ones from me let me know - no delivery charge added (or else I will send them back to the manufacturer). The ones with the comfy wide waistband are highly recommended!
- Cargo Women's Chef pants in Black M
- Women's Comfi Chef pants in Black M
I"m also happy to get rid of my ones I brought with me from the UK for free - they are the unisex Chefworks ones in S. They look huge but have an un-proportionally tight waistband which I've been moaning about for the last 4 weeks