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Author Topic: Food Therapy's next VIRTUAL Group Cleanse Starts June 3 (Register by May 28)  (Read 1853 times)

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Its 3pm. Do you feel like you could faceplant at your desk at work? Need a little pick me up of caffeine or sugar just to make it through the day?

 Tired of squeezing into tight jeans? Sick of "trying" to be "good" with food & exercise and not seeing results?

 Do you sometimes feel like you are swimming in a pool of chewing gum? Feeling stuck by life?

 Reclaim your energy, body, health & life with this transformational group cleanse led by professional nutritionist, Kristin Hoppe, CNC.

 The program is designed to clear body toxins, reset healthy eating habits, and let go of unhealthy food fixations. Kristin will work closely with each participant to help safely navigate the entire process. She will guide you during three short weeks of clearing out the old and inviting in the new.

 This 21-day journey is a simple, effective, and professionally-guided program which may allow you to achieve some of the following:
 *A jump start to successful weight loss while improving your lean body mass, i.e., less body fat
 *Detoxification from IVF, chemicals, heavy metals, toxins, medications, hospital stays, surgeries
 *Preparation of your body for a healthy pregnancy
 *Elimination of sugar & caffeine habits
 *Increased energy
 *Clearer skin, better sleep, improved mood
 *Reduced pain & inflammation
 *Lowered cholesterol & blood pressure
 *Better digestion
 *A new and healthier relationship with food

 This is not a starvation diet or fast. You will be eating healthy whole foods, taking daily detox supplements and integrating cleansing smoothies. This 21-day program is designed to gently and thoroughly flush the excess toxins from your body and is an excellent way to jumpstart weight loss. **Please note women who are nursing or pregnant may not participate.

 During weeks 2 and 3 you will be replacing 2 meals each day with a smoothie designed to deepen the detoxification process. This protein based smoothie contains high levels of nutrients that aid in the processing and elimination of toxins and harmful chemicals that accumulate in our bodies.

 Group Program Includes:

 1) Four Group Coaching Calls, (the calls will be recorded in case you can not make the call time) with Kristin Hoppe, Certified Nutrition Consultant

 Call schedule as follows:
◾Tues June 3, 2014: 12 noon-1 PM PST: Detox Kick Off Call
◾Tues June 10, 2014: 12 noon-1PM PST: Check In Call
◾Tues June 17, 2014: 12 noon-1PM PST: Check In Call
◾Tues June 24, 2014: 12 noon- 1PM PST: Detox Conclusion Call
◾Canít make the call times?? No worries, all calls will be recorded for you to listen in at your convenience

 2) Food Therapyís 21 Day Detoxification Ebook Manual: This comprehensive electronic manual has all the information and guidance you need to successfully complete your detox. It includes detox guidelines and instructions, recipes, meal guidance, menus, recipes, tips for enhancing your detox, mindful eating strategies, and more! In addition, you will also have online access to Food Therapyís lending library of recipes and e-cookbooks. (on-line access)

 3) Supplement Kit: contains all supplements needed for the detox including the 28 Meal Replacement Shakes, mailed directly to your door. ($282 value)

 4) Unlimited Email support: Kristin Hoppe, CNC will be available for the entire 21 day period.

 5) Private On-line Group Forum for group support and communication throughout cleanse.

 6) Blender Shaker bottle to take your detox shakes on the go

 7) Recording of each call, in case you need to review or canít make it to the call time.

 Investment in Your Health:
◾$447 per person

 Sign up with a friend, and save $25 each!

 Space is limited, early registration is encouraged! Must sign up by Wed May 28, 2014 to receive your detox supplement kit in time.

 More info here:

 Questions? Want to make sure its a god fit? Private message me and we will set up a time to talk.

 Please share with friends and loved ones who would benefit.
Kristin Hoppe, BS, NC
Certified Nutrition Consultant & Natural Chef