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Fennel Lox
« on: July 06, 2014, 07:14:27 PM »
Fennel Lox

Serving: 4 people
- I ate this for breakfast just for myself for 5 days

1lb wild caught Salmon- cut in to 2 even (1/2 lb) pieces

Preservative seasoning mix:
1 cup organic turbinado sugar
cup of salt
cup lemon citron salt
2 T fennel seeds
2T black pepper

Other supplies:
1 Large bowl
1 small bowl
1 plates
plastic wrap
heavy rock or crystal of your choice

1.  Mix sugar,both salts, fennel, and black pepper in a bowl.
2.  Spread out 1 large piece of plastic wrap on the counter.
3.  Dip 1st piece of salmon in seasoning mixture and cover it generously.
4.  Place 1st piece of salmon in the center of the plastic wrap; meat facing up.
5. Repeat step 3 with 2nd half of the salmon.
6.  Set 2nd piece of salmon on top of the 1st.
7.  Pour excess seasoning mixture over top of stacked salmon on the plastic wrap.
8.  Enclose salmon with plastic wrap without suffocating it.

9.  Set small bowl upside down inside of large bowl.
10.  Place enclosed, stack salmon on top of small bowl.
11.  Set plate on top of salmon up side down (eating side of plate faces salmon skin).
12. Rest a rock on top of the plate.
   - I chose to place a large yellow calcite stone.

Turn salmon every day for 5-7 days so that it preserves and drains evenly.
If you notice the mixture disappears, rinse salmon and repeat recipe steps.

On the last day, remove salmon and rinse. Slice thinly and enjoy!

Adapted from advice and instructions of Chef Lizette and Chef Karen