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Author Topic: Making "Juice" After Vegetable Stock - Does Anybody Else Do This?  (Read 1244 times)

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I just made a batch of "Roasted Vegetable Stock" from the Natural Chef Recipe Book and had an idea that seemed kind of obvious but I don't remember hearing about and didn't see on the web after a google search attempt - once the simmering is done, instead of squeezing out and disposing of the still relatively flavorful vegetables or making a huge amount of baby-food puree, why not extract the juice as a nutritious beverage freebie?  Toss the brothed-out vegetables in a high-speed blender with plenty of ice/water and some ginger, strain through a nut milk bag, season with lemon and a little tamari... Does anybody else do this?

I'm amazed at the amount of flavor and possible nutrition that was still in those vegetables - what has your experience been?  Have you had any success putting the cooked vegetables through a juicer machine (I don't have one)?