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Author Topic: Support Health Freedom, action needed NOW, please read!!!!! and ACT  (Read 6329 times)

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Please read below the latest email of the Natural Solutions Foundation...this organization is doing a very good job keeping folks informed about the impending Codex overhaul of our FDA.  Please read through it.  Rima, the lady who heads the Natural Solutions Foundation, is the lady who gave the talk at the NANP conference a couple years ago.

NEW INFO 8/22/07:  The links provided in Rima's email to take action did not work when this posting was created.  It is easier to use the links below, however you may get an error response.  If you get the error response, and must make comments directly through the FDA website, you can use the following directions:  I got an autoresponder saying that the FDA no longer takes comments by email and you have to go to their site and search through pages of stuff until you find the right place to comment (an attempt to hinder this?)  Anyways, here is the link directly to the correct place to make your comments directly through the FDA website:

IF you must use the direct comment sheet through the FDA database, you can use the text from my reply to this posting below for text that you can use in your comment box.  It is modified from the original suggested text from Rima's links.  (Shortened to fit the maximum character length. This way, all you have to do is click the above link, then cut and paste my reply text at the end of this post into the comment box.  Please take the little bit of time that this requires!

New Info 8/27/07- I just received this latest update from Rima:  " This time, when they issued their unprecedented third regulatory move hostile to natural health in less than a year they changed the rules: you can no longer submit your comments by email unless you use the FDA link which is, quite predictably, "broken" much of the time. The FDA is trying to block your comments on the very important Guidance on Health Claims. They found a way to prevent your emails and set a ridiculously short time for Public Comment during the summer vacation, no less. So, We'll FAX Our Comments to the FDA!

And we'll fax ( or ) them by the many hundreds of thousands. And, just to make things better, when you fax through our link, even if the FDA fax runs out paper or they turn them off, the Natural Solutions Foundation has the legal record of the transmission so we can count them or print them out and deliver them if necessary. They can run, but they cannot hide from "Vox Populi", the Voice of the People, YOUR voice!"

So here is Rima's original email:

The Health Freedom Movement is gaining strength at a remarkable pace. Ron Paul, the Constitutional-minded Presidential Candidate has added a Health Freedom plank to his campaign!  He is the only candidate to do so thus far, but we can be sure if you remain active and keep our  voice loud and clear, he will not be the last.

Shouldn't your freedom to determine how you want to get well and how you want to stay that way -- even if it does not put heaps of money  into the Medical Industrial Complex be YOUR choice, not the Federal Death Administration's choice?  After all, their drugs of choice kill at least twice as many Americans each year as died in the entire Vietnam war -and that's just counting in-hospital deaths WHEN THE DRUGS ARE USED PROPERLY!

The FDA issued a draft Guidance to criminalize all natural health options on December 26, 2006.  They did not get around to notifying anyone that they had done so until February 26, 2007.  Public comment was only permitted until April 30 although we did get it extended to May 29, 2007.

The link to the FDA site for public comment was broken so we got a special email address, making our site the only one we know of in the country though which people could submit their comments.  And they did.  588,000+ people tried to submit their protest to protect supplements and other natural health options.  Because the site was so often interfered with, "only" 197,000+ people got their comments in.

That ONLY 197,000 people created a roar that is still reverberating in the halls of Congress, on the campaign trail and through out America. But the FDA, hearing it, has double-timed its efforts to take away  your health freedoms - ALL of them.





This time, the game is to make sure that you cannot learn what supplements are right for you, in what dose and for what conditions. The FDA's newest game, the "Evidence-Based Review System for the  Scientific Evaluation of Health Claims", Docket 2007D-0125,, is designed to raise the bar so high on information about what supplements can do, their health benefits, that, as the guidance says, small and medium sized supplement companies will be driven out of business.  That is the intent.  The big companies remain, for a while.  The small, innovative, personally owned companies are burdened and blanked out of  business.

This strategy violates US legislation AND US Supreme Court decisions (case law).  In the public comment we are urging you to send to the FDA  (hyper link to those violations are spelled out.  Briefly, the 1994 Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act, DSHEA, says that supplements are foods and foods are generally regarded as safe.  Dangerous supplements can be removed from the market. All others are to be left alone.

The Supreme Court said that the FDA MAY NOT control information to keep people from doing what they want to and what the FDA does not want them to - in this case, know about supplements and buy them.

You may recall that in my lecture "Nutricide" I defined Nutricide as:
1. The death of a body of knowledge about the health benefits of food and
2. The death of large numbers of people through manipulation of the food supply.

This Guidance is Definition No. 1, pure and simple.  Codex and the hundreds of thousands of iatrogenic (doctor-caused) deaths through permitting known killer-drugs on the market is Definition No. 2, also pure and simple.

Spread the Freedom Word, Sing the Freedom Song!

I strongly suggest that you forward this email to everyone you know and inform your health food store as well as the makers of the supplements you depend on and urge them to send your comments in as  well.  There is little time and the battle is well and truly joined. This is the FDA's fourth health freedom and health hostile Guidance THIS YEAR.

Their Game Is Called "Your Money AND Your Life!"

This Pharma Phriendly dream-cometrue (a nightmare come to life for natural medicine) goes into effect on December 22, 2007.  The public comment period is short.  Your comments (hyperlink to  )are all that stands between . NOW is the hour for your action if you value your freedom of speech, your Congress Takes Supplements, Too

We are taking this message loud and clear to Congress.  They eat, they  get diseases, they suffer with conventional medicine until they figure out that it is not working for them and then they take supplements, too.  I have personally seen the bottles on their desks!  They need to  hear that Americans, in huge numbers, are sick and tired of being kept sick and want their Constitutional and legislative rights preserved by their employees, the Congress of the United States.

Every email to the FDA tells the Hill that there is a mighty force pushing back the tide of food fascism and manufactured illness -- YOU.

Click here ( ) and be part of that freedom force - the life you save will be yours and the lives of those you love.  Literally.

Cost Benefits Ratio

This is your fight.  Is the benefit of having the Natural Solutions Foundation fighting for your health freedom in Congress and at Codex worth the cost to you?

No one else is fighting for your rights as effectively as the Natural Solutions Foundation.

How much of the bill are you willing to pay?  How about the same amount of money that you spend for a month's worth of dietary  supplements? How about a week's worth?  Perhaps a small tithe, 1 penny on the dollar.  Perhaps a thousand dollars a month, perhaps ten.  You decide how much your health freedom and your Constitutional rights to  information is worth to you. Then click here ( to make that tax deductible donation.  You, not the Medical Industrial Complex, are  our only source of funds to fight this battle.  While you are making your donation, please consider making it a recurring donation so that the Natural Solutions Foundation has a regular monthly source of  income.

And don't forget to support the health freedom fight by "the Freedom Shop": go to  and purchase clean, organic and pure supplements and personal care products.  40% of your purchase price is tax deductible since that is the amount that supports the work of the Natural Solutions Foundation.  Thanks, in advance, for your Freedom Shopping support!

Remember, We ARE the ones we have been waiting for.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima Laibow
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation
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Re: Support Health Freedom, action needed NOW, please read!!!!! and ACT
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I strongly urge the FDA to replace the 2007D-0125 draft guideline as written with the language of HR 2117, The Health Freedom Protection Act, for health and Constitutional reasons.

Consumers like me need, and have a right to, access to truthful health claims without unconstitutional prior restraint of information.  The Draft Guidance referred to above sets the stage for the corrupt use of "science", "credible science" and "significant scientific agreement" to be manipulated to keep consumers from having the information they need to make the best possible informed choices for their health.

The FDA's history of conflict of interest and regulatory oversight of food supplements for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry makes this draft guidance a very dangerous one for the health and information access of consumers.

Congressman Ron Paul, MD (R-TX) has entered HR 2117, The Health Freedom Protection Act, which provides for a different paradigm for health claims: the burden of proof that a health claim is inappropriate falls on the FDA which can prohibit a health claim if the FDA determines there is no scientific evidence that supports the claim or that the claim is inherently misleading and incapable of being rendered non-misleading through the addition of a disclaimer.

The language of HR 2117 provides an excellent framework for the protection of consumers and the vitiation of the corruption and conflict of interest which the draft guideline as proposed will permit.

I value my access to health information about nutrients, food and supplements as much as I value my Constitutional rights.  I am urging my Congressional representatives to co sponsor HR 2117 in the House and introduce identical legislation in the Senate since I know that this language protects me from the dangers of the draft guidance.

The guidance outlined in the draft attempts to impose a high standard on Health Claims. I find this approach contrary to legislative and case law as well as contrary to the spirit of the policy FDA announced in 2004, when it stated:

"FDA intends to apply a standard for substantiating claims for dietary supplements that is consistent with the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC's) standard for dietary supplements and other health related products of 'competent and reliable scientific evidence'.''

Costs, safety and, most of all, liberty, require that the standard for health claims be set appropriately, if the US Constitution and public are to be served.  The FDA has a responsibility to protect my health and do so in the framework of legislation, case law and the United States Constitution.  This draft guidance fails on all of these counts and should not be implemented without the modifications detailed above.
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Re: Support Health Freedom, action needed NOW, please read!!!!! and ACT
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Dear Marlina and Bauman College,
thank you so much for all your efforts to keep us informed, empowered and involved in the important matters that can sometimes overwhelm and escape us.  I very much appreciate your efforts to maximize the movement by making it managable for all of us! 
With much admiration and appreciation,
Stevy Stephens
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