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Author Topic: Can I REALLY make a living as a nutritional consultant in the Bay Area?  (Read 5691 times)


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I have been thinking about taking the nutritional consultant program at Bauman for at least a year and I am 99% sure that I am going to do it. I am not, however, convinced that I will be able to make a living as a nutritional consultant once I graduate. I know that the school broadcasts the many possibilities available to NCs and what their graduates are supposedly doing, however, I have contacted numerous students from this website and the majority of them seem to hint to the reality that making a living (let's say....$75,000/year being in the Bay Area of California) is not easy and not one of them seems to have a strong career path. It sounds like if you don't have someone who can financially support you while you try to make a go of being a nutritional consultant then you will be like any starving artist out there....and it also sounds like the competition is fierce so even if you are the best of the best, you may not succeed...Everyone I spoke with loved the program and was happy that they had done it, however, the reality seems to be that this may be more of a supplemental income thing at best...?

I was hoping that during the program I would learn more about what realistic opportunities exist for NCs and more importantly HOW to land one, but based on what I'm hearing from past grads it doesn't really sound like that's the case...? It sounds like you are given the information that, "You can do anything you set your mind to and if you have enough motivation and are willing to HUSSLE you will find a way to make it work!" But I need SOLID information, like a game plan. Like HOW do I make it work? What exact steps do I need to be taking NOW so that in 3, 4, 5 years I can be a successful nutritional consultant? I don't expect it to happen overnight, but I do expect to be given some sort of a road map for how to get there.

I also really wish that it were possible to view the jobs that are supposedly posted on the Bauman board for students/grads because I would like to see what sort of jobs and how many are out there and what sort of pay we are talking about. One of the grads I talked to said a lot of the people in her cohort were working at places like Whole Foods and Pharmaca....that sounds like minimum wage to me....if I were 20 years old that might be great, but I'm not. I need to make a the bay thoughts? Like I said, I'm 99% sure I will do this program regardless because I want to learn the information they teach and this subject IS my true passion. I wish I could make a career in this field, but I'm discouraged at how many of the grads have responded and have lost my confidence.



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Re: Can I REALLY make a living as a nutritional consultant in the Bay Area?
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Networking is so very important in having a successful business because work-of-mouth is a way to get referrals. Teaching public seminars/workshops brings in a lot of people for a lower costs than 1 on 1 consulting. Getting their business cards helps you begin your email list too.  Partnering with a licensed professional can help secure that reliable client stream so letting your own practitioners know your career goals can groom that potential.  And once you have seen enough people and have success stories, collect testimonies from them to post on your website.  Begin blogging to share tidbits that may be eventually part of a book.  Create a niche for your work so you can focus deeply and thoroughly on one health concern and become the resident expert.  Speak at conferences.  Expect to spend 1 day/week on marketing to ensure success.   Keep your passion!

The BC curriculum now has a parallel curriculum called the Bauman Business Institute. Concurrent with NC assignments are small thought-provoking exercises to begin the process of developing your business over the course of 18 months so you will be ready to fly when graduated. 

Hopefully this helps.
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Re: Can I REALLY make a living as a nutritional consultant in the Bay Area?
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This is very helpful! Thanks, Nori!!  :)


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Re: Can I REALLY make a living as a nutritional consultant in the Bay Area?
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Hello Amanda,
Thank you for your thoughtful response in consideration of attending the college for your nutrition education. It sounds like you have several concerns regarding whether or not receiving a nutrition consultant certificate will earn you a decent living. Your concerns are valid.

In evaluating your career goals, it is wise to consider what you want for your career path. Are you interested in starting your own business, or would you like to be employed for a company, or both? Some graduates start off working for an employer and start their own business later or simultaneously while working. It really depends on what your career needs are.

It sounds to me that you are a very intelligent woman who wants her hard work to be paid off. If you are looking for a career with a financial income of $75K a year then we would need to evaluate where you are in your career now in order to get you to where you want to go. Our Career Services department is here to support you with this process. In addition, our new Bauman Business Institute trains students in both starting their own businesses and how to land jobs with employers. This is a new program we recently launched because we saw the need for increased career support for students and alumni. Former alumni you spoke with may not have received the benefits of this new program.

The benefits of this new program helps students evaluate their career goals and make future plans to be successful. It is important to the college that our students succeed and earn a living that they are not only passionate about, but earn a solid living in, as well. You may find out more about nutrition careers in Dr. Ed Baumanís white paper, Making a Difference: Holistic Nutrition Comes of Age. I would be happy to email this to you. Dr. Bauman provides examples of a variety of nutrition graduates practicing in the field with salary ranges.

It sounds to me that your dreams of becoming a nutrition consultant are big. With both your vision and support from the college, you could land the job of your dreams. This is not meant to be a flowery promise, but a reality in which you will achieve.

I am happy to share past job postings with you. Please email me at

In good health,
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Re: Can I REALLY make a living as a nutritional consultant in the Bay Area?
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Thank you, Mary! This is very helpful! I am going to email you!!