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Author Topic: Class Series: Achieving Healthy Weight with Whole Food Nutrition  (Read 2339 times)

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How many diets have you tried? Do you lose a few pounds, then “plateau” and regain? Sure, good nutrition and exercise are the foundation for healthy weight—and we will focus on what that means and how to live it – but there’s more to consider.

Understand more about your body through take-home assessments (thyroid, digestion, pH) and journals. In class we will address many underlying problems that can cause fat retention. It takes longer this way, but it works and it lasts (and you will feel satisfied, not hungry and grumpy).

Sessions will cover basics of a fat-burning diet, hidden factors creating weight loss resistance, how digestion and gut ecology affect weight and the role of lifestyle factors.

Class will include handouts, recipes, healthy snacks, herbal teas and lots of “show and tell”.

Cost is $97 + Teacher material fee of $15.
Dates: Every Tuesday from 1/26-2/16
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Location: Castro Valley Adult & Career Education

Instructor: Susan Blanc is a nutrition & herbal therapist. She has a private practice in San Ramon and Berkeley and teaches at Bauman College as well as the California School of Herbal Studies. Susan provides nutritional support for a variety of health issues, including digestive, blood sugar, endocrine and cardiovascular concerns. Contact the instructor at 510-610-4644.

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