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Author Topic: Hi There! I'm around, who's interested?  (Read 3085 times)

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Hi There! I'm around, who's interested?
« on: April 11, 2018, 09:20:38 AM »
Hello everyone!

My name is Abe Brown. I am a new student at Bauman College for a Nutrition Consultant certification. I like long walks on the beach and piņa colada's. Really, I do. I also like; eating a healthy and well-rounded diet, working hard, Chi Gong and other fun forms of exercise like: bicycling, rock climbing, skiing, paddle boarding, tennis, basketball and more. I love shopping, reading, talking, walking and flopping...on the couch...and watching sports, news, movies, the history channel, and cooking shows. I am a carpenter, mechanic, a cook, and a musician, clown and magician. I like to do a little bit of everything but I'm looking forward to getting really good at one thing someday. I'm looking for friendship, business opportunities, employment, mentorship, and clients. I work with clients on a donation-based sliding scale. I have many skills to teach and share and I love nothing more than lifting up fellow members of my human race. Let me know! I'm here.

Peace and Love to all Sentient Beings. Namaste.