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Volunteer opportunities - East Bay - Cooking Matters
« on: November 23, 2016, 04:17:19 PM »
18 Reasons is looking to increase their volunteer pool for Cooking Matters classes in the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro and Hayward areas), where their program has rapidly expanded due to ever-greater demand. Last year, they had 51 Cooking Matters classes in Alameda County, but this year, they have nearly doubled that number, meaning that Alameda County programming now represents 44% of their Cooking Matters classes. 

Each class  is staffed by a classroom coordinator, an assistant, a nutritionist, and a chef.  Students are taught nutrition facts, then learn how to cook a meal related to the topic taught. You can learn more about the program on their website

I recently volunteered as an assistant to get the feel of the program. It was fun and informative and the students in the class learned a lot. It's very similar to the Practicum workshops in the NC program but you also teach cooking skills and work with a team to deliver the curriculum in 6 weeks. Next time I will likely sign up as the nutritionist role.

If interested, email Alameda County Program Manager Allison at

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