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Facebook group Truth Behind Food
« on: January 03, 2017, 10:45:28 PM »
Hi everyone,  I am loving all that I am learning at Bauman so far!
 I created a closed FB group called Truth Behind Food as a platform for sharing articles, research, even recipes in choosing pure and natural foods and everyday items. It is a way to empower each other as everything requires research nowadays so why not share as we learn? I would love it if you would join and add your voice!
It is in its infancy right now and we have about 580 people but I also thought it would be very impactful to have wellness professionals make a short 2 min video with one interesting tip to post on the group so that they can get their name out their and others can benefit from their knowledge.  If that interests those who are already working in the field, please let me know.
You can find us on FB:
Sharmila Acharya