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Sustainable Gardening
« on: March 13, 2018, 12:03:45 PM »
I have read multiple post where people are asking where they can buy organic foods, herbs an teas. We are in a generation where we are so accustomed to having what we want immediately, that we are willing to compromise our health and the health of our environment to get it. 

We need to look back to the way our parents, grand parents and great grand parents survived. We need to go back to basics. If we want quality products we need to learn how to grow, cook and produce them yourself. Growing a sustainable vegetable garden is something we can do for our health as well as the environment. Link up with neighbors, family and friends to contribute and benefit from the sustainable garden. We can trade our vegetables with someone that have fruit trees. Many times fruit rot on the trees.

Even the children can be involved and learn about sustainable gardening and the effects it will have on health and the environment of the community, in the future.

 Some people say they live in an apartment without a yard, I say grow in pots, buckets, or other containers that can be purchased online. Not only will you be contributing to the environment, you will be fostering relationships, setting  examples for the children and getting in some exercise.

For assistance, check out John Kohle , The Green Gardener on You Tube. I hope this helps someone. I challenge each person to grow at least one organic food item in a garden, pot, etc.  Are you up for the challenge?
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