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Author Topic: Women's Wellness Event: An Earthly Afternoon hosted by Femme Frequency  (Read 3293 times)

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Hello beautiful people!

My name is Kayla and I'm a student at Bauman College. I'm also the cofounder of a women's wellness collective with some amazing women in the Bay Area Femme Frequency.

We host workshops and retreats for women to tap into their inner knowing and cultivate daily practices to live in alignment with their highest selves. Think: yoga, meditation, tea, journaling, nutrition, and plenty of other exciting and approachable healing modalities.

On April 22nd we'll be gathering in Berkeley to celebrate Mother Earth and ourselves at An Earthly Afternoon. We will be doing some meditation and yoga, a plant and herbalism session, and movement + sound healing exercises. We also have an amazing natural chef and health expert who is going to serve up a yummy meal outdoors, and teach us about mindful eating and nutrition. It's going to be A M A Z I N G!

Check it out + buy tickets here:

We'd love to see you there, let me know if you have any questions.

Take good care,
Kayla Brandon