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Author Topic: "Milk" Alternative for Toddler  (Read 1100 times)

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"Milk" Alternative for Toddler
« on: April 26, 2018, 08:44:56 AM »
Hey friends!
I'll be introducing my little one to something other than breast milk around her first birthday but I am not a fan of cow's milk.

I was looking at this Ripple Brand, but a colleague of mine said, "It looks like it is in plastic. Also it contains non-organic sunflower oil. Further, it has algal DHA, which is GMO and hexane-extracted."

Any help on what I can feed my daughter. Should I just use an organic almond milk. Its what I drink, it just does not have enough protein in my opinion.

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Re: "Milk" Alternative for Toddler
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2018, 02:47:47 PM »
You may want to to check out the book THE NOURISHING TRADITIONS BOOK . OF BABY . AND TODDLER CARE for some ideas on transitioning.  Food for growing kids needs to be nutrient dense.  These processed beverages are not nutrient dense nor are they made carefully with top notch ingredients. 

If you are not a fan of cow milk, could you consider goat milk or cream? 

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