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Author Topic: Handheld device for measuring/identifying GMOs, chemicals, nutrient density?  (Read 1415 times)

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Hello, Does anyone know of any proven devices that can be used to test for presence of GMOs, chemicals, and nutrients? (looking to uncover both the bad and the good/nutrient density) Especially something handheld/portable and available to consumers?

e.g. I know Consumer Reports has tested for GMOs and glyphosate, but could not discern their testing methods. "mass spectrometry" is something I see that seems to be possible only in large labs..

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Testing for these compounds is a daunting task that involves many steps. Doing so with a hand held device is not likely to happen for many reasons. A Mass Spectrometry machine is about the size of a refrigerator and miniaturization of it is not feasible any time soon or of interest to the manufacturers. Meanwhile we have to use the tools we have at hand: our ability to read labels and do research into farming and manufacturing methods, and our legislative ability to prevent adulteration of our food supply. Learn about the issues and contact your food suppliers to let them know you will not buy foods with GMOs, pesticides, herbicides or artificial anything. Unless we are vigilant and informed we will sacrifice our health to the food giants in their quest for profits.
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