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The algorithm Diet
« on: May 29, 2018, 01:49:24 PM »
I'm wondering if anyone else has watched this Ted talk by Eran Segal and I'm curious of your thoughts.

The Ted Talk is basically asking what is the best diet for humans but instead argues, that's the wrong question because it is assuming the best diet relies on the foods eaten instead of the human. He is talking about tailoring nutrition to each person's unique make-up through the changes of blood-glucose levels after eating a meal, because high glucose spikes promote hunger and weight gain which in turn lead to lots of health issues. He found that people spike for the same food over and over again but a different person can spike to a food that was really good for someone else. Then They tested all the variables of why someone may spike to a certain food such as age, weight, genetic make-up, and found that the biggest variable was the gut microbiome. Then from the research they created an algorithm to determine through the variables what each person's glucose response would be and tested that. They also saw that eating to the diet requested by the algorithm not only decreased blood-glucose spikes but helped rebuild the healthy gut bacteria which will help fight disease.

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Re: The algorithm Diet
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2018, 06:30:17 PM »
I read your post and went straight to the ted talk. I enjoyed listening to it.
I agree totally that responses to food are personal. And that the question "what is the  best diet/lifestyle for humans?" the right question? No!
It should be as stated in Ted talk " What is the best diet for me".
And we need to keep in mind that everybody has a different definition of the word Diet!
I think as a Graduate and student again  of Bauman College we should encourage the diet/Lifestyle  that was created by Dr Bauman many years ago... The "Eating for Health" Protocol." It's not another diet but a new system", an alternative to the  USDA way of thinking. I think it is the Best Choice one can make!  Its practically a no brainer!!! Easy, Simple and Logically sound. It is made to fit practically any health issue and all races no matter what the genetics. Explaining and helping one understand the "Four Levels Of Eating" is of utter importance. Then on to "Diet Direction",  choosing the  Building, Balancing or Cleansing path is the next step while incorporating another concept of Dr Bauman known as "S.O.U.L." Eating Seasonal, Organic, Unadulterated and Local.
I believe if one were to put all this into practice it would truly change their life forever.