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Author Topic: Healing from GMOs and RoundUp Conference  (Read 1480 times)

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Healing from GMOs and RoundUp Conference
« on: July 07, 2018, 05:21:21 PM »
Hello Bauman Community,
Please join Jeffrey Smith, the author of "Seeds of Deception", and a panel of experts, inlcuding Drs. Joseph Mercola, Tom O'Bryan, and Dietrich Klinghardt on the latest research on how to heal from the toxic effects of genetically modified foods. The FREE online conference starts July 17th. To register, please copy this link on your browser:

During this conference, you will learn:

    Clinical evidence of dramatic declines in childrenís health over the last two decades.

    How damage builds up in our bodies over time as a result of eating GMOs and getting constant exposure to glyphosate (the main ingredient in Roundup).

    Links between GMOs and glyphosate poisoning and leaky gut, inflammation throughout the body, and the many symptoms that result from these conditions.

    The underlying situation that disrupts your bodyís ability to function effectively thereby creating the conditions for otherwise inexplicable chronic illnesses.

    Why itís critical for each of us to take charge of our health and not rely on government regulators to protect us

    How glyphosate robs the soil and our bodies of the ability to make essential medicinal compounds and disrupts cell to cell communication, which is at the heart of virtually all disease.

    Tested and proven supplements, foods, probiotics, culinary herbs, and approaches to diet that support recovery, vitality and resiliency.

    Why eating more herbs and salad may play a key role in healing (itís not what you think!)

    How nature herself has the gifts of balance and healing, and how certain ancestral foods may protect us from modern dangers.

    Why fermented foods is a highly effective addition to your diet to create greater vitality, mental clarity and promote weight loss.

    Simple and easy methods for making fermented foods at home that could save you thousands of dollars at the doctorís office.

    Deeper understanding of the specific benefits (and problems) of cruciferous veggies, sulphur based foods, turmeric, onions and garlic, for nutrition, healing, and detoxification.

    And much, much more!

To register, go to:
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