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Mocha morning smoothie
« on: November 29, 2018, 06:35:05 PM »
Mocha morning smoothie
A bit lengthy for a smoothie recipe, but the following is a smoothie I enjoy making to get my mornings going! Frozen cauliflower is one of my favorite hidden smoothie ingredients, no flavor comes through, but it has more nutritional value than ice. Coffee and maca add a nice energy boost, and I believe flax and chia seeds go in every smoothie. I usually add protein powder just to make sure I get enough protein for the day, you can always omit it. Enjoy!
⁃   1 frozen banana
⁃    cups frozen cauliflower
⁃    cup coffee
⁃    cup almond milk
⁃   1 Scoop protein powder
⁃    cup cashews
⁃   1 tsp maca powder
⁃    tbsp flax seeds
⁃    tbsp chia seeds
⁃    tbsp cocoa powder
Tip 1: I soak the cashews for 2+ hours for a creamy consistency
Tip 2: If you steam the cauliflower before freezing it will be easier on your body to digest.
* I normally top with cacao nibs and hemp hearts