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Author Topic: Liver-Help Salad  (Read 3928 times)

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Liver-Help Salad
« on: March 10, 2019, 02:28:59 PM »
I haven't always been a huge fan of salads. I chew alot as it is and typically whenever I eat a salad I find it takes me an hour to finish or feel full! Thats too long for me. This salad I've been making lately has lots of meaty elements to it (while containing no meat) so I feel full and its very fun to chew. It contains many elements that benefit your liver, as well as your brain because of all the anti-oxidants.

The recipe is loose because I don't measure as I go so my measurements aren't as exact as they could be but here we go

~equal parts arugula, spinach, and mixed greens
~1/2 c radicchio
~1/2 c red beets that have been shredded
~1/2 c kalamata olives diced
~1/2 c  artichoke hearts
~1/4 c raw red onions
~1/4 c hemp seeds
~drizzle of olive oil
~splash of apple cider vinegar

I enjoy this salad because of it's pungency and because of how fun it is to chew. It has lots of meaty/slimy elements from the olives and artichoke hearts and some crunchy bits from the beets, radicchio, onions and hemp seeds. The bitterness stimulates bile secretion and artichokes are my favorite food for the liver.

Hope you enjoy!