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Impossible Foods
« on: June 11, 2019, 02:35:33 AM »
There are new alternatives popping up following new trends in the food industry, coupled with the alarming effects of climate change on agriculture.

I myself have tried impossible foods multiple times, but have had extremely bad reactions to it - specifically excessive bloating. However, when it comes down to the mission behind Impossible foods, and taking into account the mindset of most meat eaters, I do believe that it is a way to get people to change their mindset about what meat truly is. For instance, when I had met with the representative of Impossible Foods, he had mentioned that when talking to prospective buyers, he asks "do you eat meat because you enjoy the fact that the animal is slaughtered, or do you eat it simply for the taste and nutrients."

At the end of the day impossible foods is a processed food, and I personally prefer eating only wholesome foods. However, do you think that impossible foods is a good thing or bad thing for the food industry? With the way things are going, I can only imagine that more of these companies will come into fruition, and with the lack of resources that we are going to face, unfortunately we will have to find other alternatives to wholesome food items.