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Mindful. Collective Home in N. Oakland
« on: October 17, 2007, 12:53:41 PM »
I'm posting this for a friend who is a holistic personal chef...her email is at the bottom of the posting, if you wish to contact her. -Ellen


A beautiful, spacious 5-bdrm collective house in North Oakland is seeking mature, grounded, eco-conscious, open-hearted, conscientious folks, preferably late 20s and above, interested in creating a mindful, supportive, warm, sacred homespace.

With the intention of honoring everyone’s time and energy in the search process, this housing post is crafted with detail and care.  Please, respond after reading it all and only if you feel a deep resonance with creating a home around the values shared here within.

Rent: $510-580
Deposit: $765-870 (month and a half rent)
Utilities (PG&E $10-30 + EBMUD $10 + wireless dsl $12): approx. $32-52
Food & Household Supplies (Organic food is bought collectively): approx. $180-200
Garbage & recycling: free

November 1st: 3 rooms available, bottom-floor of house
$540 – 12x12, white walls, faux wood floor, large closet, south- and west-facing windows
$540 – 13x13, light blue walls, linoleum floor, shelves, south-facing window, closet available in hall
$510 – 14x10, yellow walls, cozy, linoleum floor, large closet, east-facing window

December 1st: 1 room available, top-floor of house
$580 – 12x12, slate green, hard wood floors, 2 closets, west-facing window

Seeking people who are desiring a commitment of 6 months or longer.

(The following is offered specifically to attract just the folks who would find this an inspiring and comfortable space to live and engage in.)

* actively participating and being present for creating a home (not just a house) with others
* maintaining a clean, orderly, and beautiful home and yard
* actively fostering connection between house members
* self-care, a healthy life-style and personal growth
* organic, minimally-processed, minimally-packaged, whole foods
* farmers’ markets, buying bulk and buying locally
* diets that include meat as well as those that don’t
* living with integrity, authenticity and honesty
* compassionate communication
* engaging around the challenging/uncomfortable issues that inevitably arise in group living
* holding everyone’s needs with care, including your own
* sharing meals and conversation (and possibly cooking once a week for the house)
* quiet times, privacy and closing doors with care
* creativity, music, playfulness and laughter
* more time away from screens than in front of them
* more time at home than traveling
* mindfulness practices
* practicing gratitude
* pursuing right livelihood
* spending time in nature
* using earth-, animal- and human-friendly cleaning and personal care products
* maintaining personal financial stability
* welcoming house guests on a regular basis
* hosting occasional potlucks, craft nights, drumming circles, chanting, workshops…
* a home that is…
-   TV-free (‘cept for movies)

-   Scent-free (no perfumes, colognes, incense, scented candles)

-   Smoking-free

-   Drug-free

-   Pet-free

* Musicians, foodies and people who enjoy gathering around a warm kitchen are especially welcome. *

- a large, 2-story home
- 5 bedrooms
- 2 full bathrooms with bathtubs
- a spacious living room
- a “sanctuary” space used for yoga, meditation, art, dancing, gatherings
- a den
- a large, beautifully wood-finished kitchen with a gas stove
- plenty of room for guests
- washer and dryer
- hardwood floors on top floor of house
- ample storage space in the garage (for bikes, etc.)
- a very small yard surrounding the house…not really garden-able : (
- a small deck overlooking picturesque views of MLK Jr. Way and BART
- a friendly 80lb punching bag in the garage for moving and releasing energy
- a piano longing to be tuned
- a 2 car driveway and ample free street parking
* house is in need of additional common-space furniture and plants

- between 57th and 58th streets on Martin Luther King Jr. Way
- 13-minute walk from Ashby BART station
- Bus #15 stops right outside the front door
- 6 blocks away from the Hwy 24 entrance, which connects to all major freeways in the area
- Berkeley Bowl is a 10-minute bike ride away; Whole Foods a 15-minute bike ride away
- Noise:  MLK Jr. Way is a busy street and BART passes right by the house. Traffic and BART noises seep into the house, especially during rush hour. The house is equipped with double-paned windows.  Most people tend to grow accustomed to it.
- Safety:  Care needs to be taken when walking and biking alone at night.

If the intentions and values expressed here deeply resonate with what you are currently desiring in a home,
please send an email about yourself (what inspires you, your age, how you enjoy spending time, who is important in your life,
maybe something you’re grieving over…whatever feels meaningful and true to share that would offer some sense of yourself
and your lifestyle), what you do for income, what you are looking for in a home environment, what attracts you to this
opportunity and any reservations you may already have.  More, rather than less, would be lovely.

Looking forward to hearing from you!