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Author Topic: Used nutrition/health books for sale  (Read 2805 times)

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Used nutrition/health books for sale
« on: March 31, 2008, 03:41:04 PM »
Hello. I have the following used nutrition books for sale.
For questions or to purchase, please send email with "nutrition/health books for sale" subject heading to Books are available for pick-up in the Santa Rosa area. 
Thank you.

*Medical Nutrition from Marz, Russell Marz, 2nd ed., 2002
    Hardcover. Like New. $20.00
*Textbook of Nutritional Medicine, Melvyn Werbach, 1999
Hardcover. Like New. $20.00
*Genetic Nutritioneering, Jeffrey Bland, 1999
Handwritten notes on some pages. Very good/good condition: $4.00
*Book of Herbal Wisdom, Matthew Wood, 1997
Like New. $10.00
*Traditional Foods are your best Medicine, Ronald Schmid
   Handwritten notes on a couple pages. Very good/good condition: $6.00
*Taking Charge of Your Fertility, Toni Weschler, 1995   
   Good condition: $8.00
*The Okinawa Program, Wilcox & Wilcox, 2001
   Hardcover. Some earmarked pages otherwise very good condition: $8.00
*Total Body Tune-Up, Michael Murray, ND, 2000
   Handwritten notes and earmarks. Good to fair condition. $3.00
*Syndrome X: Managing Insulin Resistance, Romaine & Marks, 2000
   Pages yellowed. No other marks. $2.00
*Candida Albicans Cookbook, 1985
   Fair condition. $2.00
*Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Michael Murray ND
   Like New. $5.00