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Author Topic: starting a career in nutrition vs already having a career in health care  (Read 4101 times)

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I am just a little concerned about my lack of education in health and going for a certificate in NE or NC. I went to the 'Taste of Bauman' in Boulder last week and it was great, but I found that most people were expanding their education in health care rather than starting a career in health education. This concerned me a bit and I am wondering if the NE programme will be enough to start a career in holistic nutrition.

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Dear Wildrice,

I'll just throw in my .02 here.

I started as someone who had no background in nutrition.  I had switched careers from being a DBA to selling whole grains and teaching classes on how to use them.  I wanted to learn more and found the Bauman program. 

Since graduating (I am an NE with no plans to continue on to NC) I have completely changed my business model and now have individual clients who I work with, have lecture clients where I present informational seminars, still do cooking classes and have started, finally, getting paid for my writing.

I will be honest and tell you that I am married an my husband makes a salary that allows me to not have to "hit the ground running" but every month business is growing and I eventually expect to exceed what I made as a DBA.

Hope this helps and please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Be well,

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Yea, Mira is right.  Some NE's just amaze me with what they create from just a good, solid knowledge of food and a desire to help others.  Mira is an exceptional example of this.
However, I don't know how old you are but if your young and really in to the holistic thing you will run into other things along the way to add on to your NE.  Not that you have too, you just want to.  Thats all you're seeing with others looking at NE; they found nutrition calling their name farther down the line and you are just possibly doing the opposite! 
Just do your best, do it for the good of all beings, and there you'll have it!
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