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    I would like to bring iHerb to everyone's attention. Not only does iHerb have tremendous selection of top brands, truly great prices, free shipping on orders over $60, but it also offers some great educational resources that may be of significant value to Bauman students and their future clients. I have listed 10 of the iHerb benefits and included some details I thought might be most interesting to Bauman students and staff. See number 10 below for the free professional resource, The Natural Pharmacy.

Benefits of Ordering from iHerb

1. Great selection and best value guarantee

     At iHerb you will find the very best selection of nationally known brands at remarkably competitive prices, with no house brands. We firmly believe that iHerb delivers the best overall value in the world for natural health products, and for orders over $60.00 we GUARANTEE it. To avail yourselves of this guarantee, you must order online and if another company offers a better overall value --first, place an order, then email us with the details within 10 days-- and we'll make sure to beat their price. has rated us the #1 online store for food supplements!

2. Cool, cooler, coolest

     We have invested in superior climate control for all the products we stock. operates from a (48,000 sq. ft. or 4,459 sq. m.) air-conditioned warehouse in the city of Irwindale, California. We have a cold room for products that need to be kept cool, like flax oil, and a freezer for products such as acidophilus.

     Regarding Freshness: iHerb inventory turnover is among the highest in the industry. As of October 2008, it averages 8.7 times per year per item, a solid improvement over the previous year's figure, which was 6.7. This means our products sit in our warehouse for an average of 42 days before being shipped out. Our turnover for top-selling brands, such as Now Foods, Natural Factors, Source Naturals, Jarrow, Doctor's Best & Healthy Origins hovers around 30 days!

3.Flexible shipping choices, with new lowered rates

Now Free UPS Ground for orders over $60.00!
Same-Day Shipping -- or your shipping is free!

4. Fresher approach to inventory

     Keeping products in stock is a top priority at iHerb. We have gone to great lengths creating a solid inventory system that provides accurate data about product availability for you and for us. When we receive products at our warehouse, our system requires us to enter the lot number and expiration date (if available) of each batch. That means every product is accounted for, from the day it arrives to the day it is shipped.

5. Local, REAL customer care & timely, reliable communication

6. No-hassle money-back guarantee and return policy

7. The easiest reordering of all!

8. Assurance of privacy and credit card security

9. Environmental values

     To help safeguard the natural environment, we purchase recycled or biodegradable materials for packaging and shipping whenever possible.

10. Free online health encyclopedia

     As our customers, you have access to the only free non-commercial encyclopedia of nutritional and herbal supplements online. Thanks to your patronage, we can offer (at no charge) the entire contents of TNP (The Natural Pharmacy) , the only professionally edited, doctor-supported information service of its kind that we know of. Also, on your behalf we have made arrangements with The American Botanical Council to offer both the German Commission E Monographs (rigorously researched evaluations of herbs) and HerbalGram Magazine (all issues from 1990 to present). We invite you to take advantage of these resources.

     You can read all the details of iHerb benefits here:  Jot down my referral code, JER403, before you check out iHerb. If you should decide to order, you will receive a $5 discount on your first purchase, and I will receive referral credit that can be applied to my future orders.  I have found iHerb to be a nutritional resource of exceptional value.
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