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Author Topic: Differences between Bauman's and the Natural Gourmet Institute's baking aspect  (Read 4189 times)

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My goals in the culinary world are to open a little vegan cafe featuring a few breakfast and lunch items but primarily showcasing coffee and baked goods. I've noticed that both schools have a section for baking but I was wondering if you might be able to tell me the differences between the two schools programs.
Also being a vegan I would REALLY rather not prepare fish and chicken, is there anyway around that?

Thank you

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Hi.  I don't know much about the Natural Gourmet's baking section.  Our baking section has 2 classes- 1 on desserts and 1 on savory baking.  It isn't however, focused on vegan baking.  Since we only have two days for baking, we include other baking recipes throughout the semester.  I know that the Natural Gourmet has a longer program, so they may have more baking classes.  I would check with them.  You are not required to work with fish or chicken.  They will be prepared in some classes, but there are always vegan recipes to work on, even in the chicken and fish classes.  Hope that helps!