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Author Topic: Report: "Evidence Confirms Nutritional Superiority of Plant-Based Organic Foods"  (Read 20763 times)

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Hi everyone,

I have recently discovered this report that can be downloaded as a pdf from here:

From the site:

This is the first major, in depth review of the published scientific literature on the nutritional benefits of organic food completed since 2003.

Over 40 new studies have come out since the last review was carried out - studies that dramatically improve our ability to answer a basic question - are organic foods generally more nutritious than conventional foods?

The two-year project leading to this report required the creation of a large Access database including the results of nearly 100 studies, and development of methods to identify those studies that were both well-designed and carefully conducted.

With the benefit of this research tool, which the Center will continuously update and apply in future studies, we can now offer clear cut answers to important, common questions about the nutritional superiority of organic food.

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Excellent, thanks for posting this, this is a valuable tool for our work.  I have "stickied" this topic so it remains at the top of the board, for easy access to future readers.
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Thank you so much for this wonderful tool!  I will pass this along who needs this valuable important information!  This information is perfect for those who do not understand the importance of consuming organic!

Thank You!  Kim

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I also want to thank you for posting this information. Just yesterday I was in conversation about organic food with an old friend, trying to explain just how much better a choice it is. It is great to have scientific evidence to back up our claims. Thanks for the post!


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Thank you so much for posting this!
I am a new student and have saved the PDF as great resource.

Sarah B x

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USDA has released a report on Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010.  In resource 3 "Conventional and organically produced foods" the assessment concluded that the "our current understanding of conventionally and organically produced foods indicate that their nutritional values and contributions to human health are similar".  Public testimony was offered at USDA on 7/8/10 and public commentary is accepted at until 5 pm EDT 7/15/10.  
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This is a valuable link to support our discussions of 'organic is better'.  This 2 year project required the creation of a database that listed over 100 studies.  This wealth of information will make our job that much easier to convey the importance of eating organic.  We not only can recommend but we can say, "here's why and here is the evidence to back it up".

I especially like the fact that the information is free and reproducable for educational purposes.  This 53 page study will be on the top of my favorites list.   

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I love how the medical community is catching up to Bauman College with hard evidence.  ; )

Here is another article that is pretty fascinating and a TED talk that really goes in depth to the science behind shrinking cancer effectively with food. It makes sense.
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Thanks for this, i have been waiting for years for this kind of study. hurray!

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Just finished watching the Ted talk posted by Amy on, Can we eat to starve cancer? Fantastic talk... Thank you Amy.

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Thanks for submitting this article as it pertains to organic superiority of organic plant-based foods. I found this article very helpful and informative.

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Thanks so much for posting this. It is a great resource to share and goes a long way in reinforcing the importance of choosing organic foods when available! 

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I am a new student to Bauman and just started using this forum!
I currently manage our company's organic program and am responsible for going through the audits with our certifier CCOF every year. There are many organic certifiers in the USA, but I work with CCOF. I may be biased, but I have also hear from other farmers who work with CCOF that they are one of the best certifiers in the country and I have to agree.

Check out their website

They have so much information on their website for anyone interested in becoming certified organic, or just to understand all the regulations certified organic farmers and manufacturers have to go through to stay compliant. It is a great deal more work and money than the conventional farmers and manufacturers and I appreciate and support all companies who stay certified organic.

I am so glad more and more articles like this one are being read and posted out there for all to read!

I have always believed organic produce has more health benefits than conventional, and it's just more satisfaction to my soul that there is now  more scientific evidence to prove it!

thank you for posting this article.

My Best,

Alison Nosti

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Thank you for this! I knew this was true just didn't have the articles to back it up thank you kindly

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Thanks so much. I would like to know if anyone has expertise or familiarity to suggest how someone using an all-organic raw food vegan lifestyle for years might safely start back incorporating more warming foods into the diet.