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Author Topic: Laguna Farm CSA - New Subscriptions Available  (Read 2141 times)

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Laguna Farm CSA - New Subscriptions Available
« on: April 29, 2009, 02:35:46 PM »
Laguana Farm in Sebastopol is again taking new members.  Laguna Farm is one of the older CSA's in the neighborhood, with over 15 years of CSA service.  This farm is so much more than a standard CSA:

  • they provide ethical employment through a living wage for their agricultural workers
  • Scott Mathieson, the owner, is a groovy alternative energy and fuels researcher and has the farm running on photovoltaic power, the tractors and delivery truck on bio-fuel and solar, and he is continuously tinkering with ways to improve the eco-footprint of the farm and steward the land in a highly sustainable manner
  • year-round subscriptions
  • seperate fruit shares available in summer
  • organic bread shares available all year
  • NEW - organic raw milk products available as weekly shares or for individual sale
  • ability to trade out items that you may not need or that you have too much of
  • additional produce of various kinds available for purchase
  • super cool Harvest Festival yearly
  • excellent community
  • home of a local bio-fuel cooperative
  • hike/bird the land!

This farm rocks.  You can choose to pick up your produce at the farm and have the opportunity to trade out items that you may not need. In addition, there is an "artisan store" with locally made, sustainable food products and various items.  Or you may opt to pick up at a local delivery center. In all cases,  you are a part of a holistic, viable, sustainable project that is incorporating the concept of "eco" in all aspects of the farm.  Note:  the farm has yet to become super tech savvy, so don't let the website disappoint you.  I think they could have a way more attractive, modern site, but they just don't spend too much time in front of computers.  Schedule a tour today, and check out your new commitment to a healthier you.

See you at the farm!
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