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Kirstie Alley's recent admission that she has regained 85 pounds after ceasing to be Jenny Craig's spokesperson (more than the 75 pounds she lost on Jenny Craig!) is an excellent reminder that one-size-fits-all diets don't work and the yo-yo diet syndrome is real and just gets worse the longer one looks to "quick fixes" to solve weight issues;

Blindly following any plan that includes nutrient-poor food like chocolate cake, waffles, and refined pasta may result in short-term weight loss if calories are cut, but, please, pause to reflect for just a minute, and it is logical that this kind of diet does not provide the nourishment to create and maintain lifelong health. Also, what does anyone learn following such a plan? What has Kirstie Alley learned after all her years of suffering from yo-yo diets? Apparently nothing! As a nutrition educator, my job is to teach people how to make healthy food and lifestyle choices based on their individual needs, so THEY can maintain lifelong health after they stop seeing me.

Sadly for Kirstie and Jenny Craig, her experience validates the fact that Jenny Craig provides neither critical education that enables its clients to make healthy eating choices after they have stopped the program, as well as that one-size-fits-all diets simply don't work. She has become the example I use of how to NOT get healthy and why NOT to resort to Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, or other gimicky diets that play to people's need for a magic bullet.

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I was troubled by your posting in regards to the recent news of Kristie Alleys weight gain.  I have done the Jenny Craig program and would have to disagree with you on several statements that you made in your posting.  The program itself is an excellent program.  They encourage you to exercise and to change your exercise regularly.  They also teach the importance of portion control vs calorie counting.  I was given self help audios that helped me deal with emotional eating. The down side to their program is it is nutrient and mineral deficient.  All processed foods that you can microwave or heat in an oven.  If I could change one thing about the program it would be the quality of the food they offer.  They do encourage fresh fruits, veggies and salads that you add to each of your meals.  The Jenny Craig program is more than just a order food and eat only this amount of food type of diet.  As you progress thru the program you order less of the Jenny craig food and you plan your own meals based on portions. In reading Kristie Alleys article it is clear that when she was no longer a spokesperson for the company she no longer worked out, ate whatever she wanted whenever she wanted and justified eating bean and cheese quesadillas in large quantities because she had become vegetarian.  I don't know the Nutrisystem diet so I cannot say what they promote or teach.  I am no longer on the Jenny Craig diet and I have maintained a weight loss of 45 pounds due to alot of the information that I optained when enrolled in the program.  As a nutrition educator (still learning) I would not judge a "standard diet" based on success or failures of one particular person.  I believe it comes down to knowing what you are eating, how mindful you are and how you live your life.   

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Kimberly, I'm happy that you have lost weight and learned some valuable information. That being said, I have to chime in and say it's not a small thing that Jenny Craig's food is 100% processed. This is a big deal and in my mind extremely toxic for the body. If they truly cared about people's health then they would provide  or suggest real food. The trouble is real food can't be pre-packaged and sold in the diet plan way. Even if someone gets off the Jenny Craig food they aren't typically jumping to a whole unprocessed diet. In fact a diet like Jenny Craig has people associating weight loss with overly processed foods. It's not just Kirstie Alley, many many people gain the weight back. All of that being said, I'm really glad that you are in the Bauman program. You will learn to eat healthy for life!