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Kiwi Berries
« on: November 09, 2009, 08:09:05 PM »
I recently found this fun new fruit in the produce section of my Vitamin Cottage in Colorado.  It's shaped like a gooseberry, but a little bigger and darker green.  The inside is green with black seeds just like a regular kiwi.  They were a big hit with my kids.  Here's some more info:

Hardy kiwis, aka kiwi berries, have an excellent nutritional profile. David Lively, marketing director for Organically Grown Co., an Oregon-based wholesale distributor, calls them nutritional powerhouses. A 6-ounce portion contains significant amounts of 20 nutrients, including twice the vitamin E of an avocado, with only 60 percent of the calories. They have five times the vitamin C of an orange and more potassium than bananas. Kiwi berries are also high in fiber and rich in folic acid.
Hardy kiwi are ready to eat when the skin darkens and, like a peach, it yields to gentle pressure. Either or both ends of the fruit may show some wrinkles that indicate they are ripe and ready to eat.
They are grown in Oregon and available from the latter part of September well into October
and can be refrigerated for up to two weeks.  Because of their high level of natural pectin, they make great jam.