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Recipe Making cheese from yogurt
« on: January 07, 2007, 10:18:29 AM »
This recipe originally came from an old 60's cookbook.  I only had to try it once to make it a regular part of my daily food intake.  Its probiotic, rich, creamy, and extremely versitile.  Its the kind of thing you make, which does not take much labor at all, and then you have as a base for so many ways to eat it.  With the raw olive oil, herbs and garlic, yum, savory and delicious. And if you really like it get a Chinois (the fine mesh strainer), which you can find at a kitchen store, because cheesecloth can add up over time, not to mention if you are all out of it and have to go buy more when your yogurt is ready.  You can use goat yogurt, and kefir, the sky is the limit. THicker yogurt works better, and whole, lowfat, or nonfat, all work great.  And did I mention how beautiful it looks when your done, bring it to a party, its a great conversation piece. Enjoy,  Mary Sheila

If strained of its whey, yogurt can make a delicious soft cheese.  Probiotic by its very nature, this cheese is infused with olive oil, savory herbs and loaded with fresh raw garlic.  Not only is it delicious right out of the jar, on sautéed greens or on bread,  it can easily be used to make salad dressing and quick and easy dips that are also good for you.

   1 Quart plain yogurt (whole, low fat, or nonfat)

   Enough Extra Virgin Olive Oil to cover yogurt (about 1 Cup)

   4-5 cloves diced garlic

   ¾  cup chopped fresh herbs or ¼ cup dried herbs
Herbs could include – Rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley, cilantro, oregano, summer savory, chives, tarragon
(whatever is in the garden or available)

   Chinois or Cheesecloth – layered about 5 layers thick
   Bowl to collect Whey
   Glass jar for cheese

   Layer cheesecloth about 5 layers thick over a large plate, or place a Chinois, which is a fine mesh strainer, in a bowl. 
   Pour Yogurt onto cheesecloth or into Chinois.  Tie cheesecloth around yogurt on top and hang so it can drip its whey into a bowl or sink.  (Can hang from a cupboard with a bowl beneath or on the handle of the blender, letting it drip into the blender.) 
   Allow yogurt to stand at room temperature and drain its whey, between 24-48 hours.  When yogurt stops dripping it is ready.  Put yogurt into a bowl and place into the fridge to firm up while you get herbs ready, or overnight, until ready for the next step.  (Cheesecloth can be rinsed and machine washed to be used the next time.)
   Chop herbs and garlic
   Lightly coat hands with olive oil, and pick up heaping teaspoon size balls with a spoon and roll with your hands.  Place balls in glass jar till you have a layer on the bottom.   
   Sprinkle herbs and garlic over the layer, then add a layer of Olive oil to coat the balls.  Continue layering until you have used all the ingredients
   Store in Fridge and bring to room temperature before use.  Can be left out overnight, keeps in the fridge for at least 2 weeks. 

Creamy Salad Dressing
Because the cheese, herbs, garlic, and olive oil are all infused together, this salad dressing is quick and easy.  Any vinegar will do, Apple Cider Vinegar is choice as it helps normalize the body’s acid/alkaline balance, and is very cleansing to the intestines.

   ½ cup yogurt cheese with herbs, garlic, and olive oil
    3 tbsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
   1 Pinch of salt
   Juice of ½ lemon
   More Olive oil to taste if needed

Mix all together in a bowl with a whisk or in a small blender.  Double the size so you have dressing for the week. 

         Creamy Artichoke Heart Dip

Artichokes are delicious and a great food for the liver.  Enjoy this dip with raw veggies, a savory cracker or bread, or the artichoke leaves themselves.   

   2-4 steamed artichoke hearts (depending on size), or canned artichoke hearts
   ½ cup yogurt cheese with herbs garlic and olive oil
   ¼ cup chopped fresh Parsley
   Juice of ½ lemon
   1 tbsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – or more to taste
   Extra garlic if desired – 4-5 cloves
   If you need more liquid can use more Olive Oil or water till smooth
Blend all ingredients in a small blender and enjoy.

                                 Creamy pumpkin Seed Cilantro Dip

This dip is high in zinc, an essential immune boosting mineral, and especially good for men and prostrate health.
Soak 1 cup pumpkin seeds overnight
   Blend Pumpkin seeds separately, then add and blend
   ½ cup yogurt cheese with herbs garlic and olive oil
   ¾ cup fresh chopped cilantro
   Juice of ½ lemon
   3 tbsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
   ¼ tsp sea salt
   If more liquid needed, add more olive oil or water

Recipes by Mary Sheila Gonnella, Nutrition Educator and Pilates Mat Trainer   707-874-2982   or 707-508-5377