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Author Topic: Dr Robert H. Lustig MD discussing the effects of HFCS and sucrose on the body  (Read 6910 times)

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Happy New Years everyone!

Dr Mercola had this video posted on his website today. Dr Lustig goes into depth about the effects of HFCS and sucrose in relation to metabolic syndrome. 

The video is a little long so it's important to make the time to view.

~ cheers!
~ Laura

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Thanks for sharing the lecture on fructose, yes, it is long but super informative and well done.

Have fun,
Michele R.

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I agree!

Anyone who is going into the field of Nutrition, needs to take the time and watch this video.  We all know sugar is poison, but this really helps you understand exactly why. 


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Great video! Loved it from start to finish...

I loved how he compared fructose and ethanol (alcohol) to each other physiologically. Very interesting!
Natalie Pescetti

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This video amazed me and changed my way of thinking. He explains and illustrates how fructose and other sugars are metabolized in your body. What he has to say about fruit juices may surprise you. I wrote up a summary, but it can't begin to cover everything in the video:

YouTube video:

Sugar: The Bitter Truth. A fascinating lecture which aims to debunk 30 years of dietary dogma and prove that "a calorie is not a calorie" and "fructose is not glucose," using science to make a compelling case that subsidized sugars in our food supply are damaging our metabolisms and are fueling the current worldwide obesity epidemic. The renowned Dr. Lustig, Professor of Endocrinology at UCSF and director of the WATCH program for teens and children asks for recruits to help spread this message - so I'm signing up!

It takes about an hour to view all 9 parts. In case you're not sure if you're up to that, here are some of the points he makes convincingly: high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and sucrose (table sugar) are equally destructive; they both contain fructose which can only be metabolized by the liver, poisoning it and making it insulin resistant. This insulin resistance in the liver causes chronically raised insulin which makes us feel badly and store fat. It stimulates our appetite and interferes with leptin signaling to the brain so we eat more. In fact, it leads to all the manifestations of Metabolic Syndrome, including inflammation, hypertension, 'bad' cholesterol, obesity, fatty liver, and leptin resistance [note: this doesn't take into account GMO corn used in HFCS, or mercury found in it].

In nature, fructose is always found with lots of fiber and other essential nutrients. Processed foods have the fiber removed - fiber makes foods more difficult to eat, cook, transport, store, and profit from. Although fructose is a chronic hepatotoxin (it damages the liver - fructose is "ethanol without the buzz"), the FDA only regulates acute toxins and won't touch this, so it's up to us. The takeaway message is: don't drink or eat fructose without the fiber - in other words, sodas, sweetened drinks, fruit juices, and most processed foods. If you want to know more, and the science behind it, watch the video!

Here's a link to the transcript of a recent interview with Dr. Lustig on this topic: