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Author Topic: Low Carbohydrate Vegetables! from "The Diet Cure" by Julia Ross, M.A.  (Read 3779 times)

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Mung bean sprouts      Celery
Sweet red pepper            Onions (raw)
Green bellpepper            Parsley
Chives               Leeks
Eggplant               Zucchini
Spinach               Asparagus
Chard               Broccoli
Tomatoes            Green beans
Cucumbers            Snow peas
Radishes               Bok choy
Lettuce               Mushrooms
Cauliflower            Garlic
Cabbage               Brussels sprouts
Sunflower sprouts            Clover sprouts
Artichokes            Jicama
Green chilies            Carrot

Source:  “The Diet Cure”, Julia Ross, M.A., Viking Penguin, 1999,  page 303.
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