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Author Topic: Bauman versus the School of natural Cookery (in Boulder)?  (Read 5970 times)

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Bauman versus the School of natural Cookery (in Boulder)?
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Can you tell me how Bauman differs from this school (above) set in Boulder?

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Re: Bauman versus the School of natural Cookery (in Boulder)?
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Hi Susanne

It is always best for a prospective student to research the curriculums of all of the schools they are considering in order to find the best fit.  Bauman College has a very specialized curriculum. I think it would be helpful for you to view our Natural Chef Mini-syllabus:
This way you can see exactly what you will be learning in every class. You will also be able to see the depth of the Therapeutic Application Modules.

The Bauman College curriculum emphasizes nutritional and therapeutic cooking and mastery of all necessary kitchen skills.  Students of the Bauman College Natural Chef program learn to be artists in food preparation and presentation.  Each Natural Chef class includes a lecture on nutrition information.  Students are trained in therapeutic menu planning to address illness conditions.  The recipes in our Natural Chef program utilize alternative ingredients for major food allergens, such as wheat, dairy, and sugar.  We include Business Development curriculum for the Personal Chef.  

The School of Natural Cookery in Boulder has a greater emphasis on creative, no recipe, instinctual cooking. I am not an expert in their curriculum so it would be best to compare side by side.  You can then make a choice which will best fit your personal needs.

I am always available to speak with you further.  Feel free to contact me directly at any time.

Be Well,
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