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  • Ed Bauman airs on Quake radio: March 24, 2007

Author Topic: Ed Bauman Radio Archive: "Greening Your Health" now available  (Read 5270 times)

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Updated: March 29, 2007

Hello Everyone

Don't worry if you were unable to tune into Quake Radio, on Saturday, March 24, 2007 for the "Greening Your Health" show with Ed Bauman, PhD, Director of Bauman College (details below). You can now access the show by visiting the following weblink: 

I hope you can listen in at one time or the other. 

Ed Bauman, PhD, Director of Bauman College, will be a guest on the Joan Kenley Radio Show, "Greening Your Health".  Dr. Bauman will be joined by Dr. Joel Kreisberg. The show will air on the San Francisco Bay Area radio station "The Quake", KQKE 960 AM, on Saturday, March 24th from 5-6PM.  The show will also stream from The Quake website at
Within the shows theme they will cover a wide range of topics, about which you can read below for more details.

The idea of "Green Health Care" encourages health professionals and individuals to focus on prevention, self-care, and education about nutrition, staying well, and treatment options.  Learn about leading-edge programs about living green.

1)The definition of green healthcare and how can you find these practitioners
2)Why education about nutrition is so vital to your well-being
3)Choosing safe and healthy products from "farm to fork"
4)The reasons people tend to eat more when eating with others
5)navigating through the double messages we get from our culture and the media
6)Daily choices for optimal health that affect you body, mind and soul

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I am a new student to Bauman College, and this being my first posting, please excuse if the answer to this already exists in postings and I just haven't found it yet! :-)
I would enjoy downloading and listening to a podcast of Dr Bauman's talk on Quake Radio, if you could point me in the right direction for doing so?
Cris Welisch

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Hi Cris
Welcome to Bauman College!
You can download the show, " Greening Your Health", previously titled "It's Not Easy Being Green - From the Farm to the Fork", by visiting the following weblink:
Scroll down the page and you will see the download options.  Let me know if you run into any difficulties. I hope you enjoy the program.
Be Well,