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Hello to my nutrition friends.  Today is an extremely important day, as you know it’s the first anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, the worst in world history.  I’ll be heading to church soon to light candles for the people of Japan and everyone who is affected by the catastrophic events of what the Japanese are calling their “311”.  Some of you may remember me, I certainly remember many of you. I stopped working in the field about 4 ˝ years ago to prepare for the birth of my son, who just turned 4 last month.  The mommy baby bubble we had been living in broke suddenly, however, on March 11, 2011 when Fukushima Daiichi suffered catastrophic failure leading to triple meltdowns as a result of the earthquake and inevitable tsunamis. I realized after a few days that there was deafening silence around the issue.  I also knew from having a background in nuclear issues ~I worked on the Greenpeace radioactive waste campaign several years prior to studying nutrition ~that our food supply would be at considerable risk because California is directly down the jetstream from Japan.   

It was necessary to write a food monitoring petition on April 1, 2010 because our elected officials and the media were (and still are to a large degree) completely ignoring the food safety issue, even though University of California Berkeley School of Nuclear Engineers (UCBSNE) was (and still is) finding levels of radioactive cesium, strontium, and other extremely dangerous radioisotopes in California topsoil, rainwater, groundwater and various produce items sampled from Bay Area markets.  Many experts agree that there are NO safe levels and that even minimum levels cause cancer and other illnesses, with children at highest risk. The petition led to the formation of the Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network (FFAN).  We have met several times with Senator Boxer and Feinstein’s staff asking the former for food safety hearings and the latter for care in safeguarding the food inspection budget for 2012 and beyond until we know our food supply is safe.   One chance meeting actually happened with Senator Feinstein in the hallway of her Washington, DC office that actually gave us opportunity to tell her directly of evidence of radioactive contamination in California topsoil as reported by University of California.  But still, the silence raged on.  Do you remember ever hearing a news report of radioactive cesium-137 in our food supply?  If you were watching Channel 2 news at 5:30 on Nov. 11 you did, when FFAN delivered a petition to the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco.  Considering all of this, it was  necessary to write a book which is being launched today.

“Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout…A Mother’s Response” ran in essay form on Dr. Helen Caldicott’s Nuclear Free Planet for several months prior to being spotted by someone who thought it should be an ebook.  Back to the drawing board to polish and endlessly edit and now its available on Amazon.   Apple, and several other distribution platforms including Nook from Barnes and Noble, Sony E Reader, KOBO, Copia, and more are coming soon.  And I’m happy to say that the ebook will be out this summer and available with a print on demand service also.
 “Silence Deafening”  began as an essay in the Spring and Summer of 2011 entitled "Silent Spring and the Long Hot Summer" which ran on Dr. Caldicott's Nuclear Free Planet website for several months.  Mali Lightfoot, Dr. Caldicott’s Director of Development in the US, was very supportive of the petition calling for food monitoring and encouraged the  back story i.e. what would motivate a stay-at-home mom to write a petition calling for food monitoring in the US and of Japanese imports in the first place?  Its almost embarrassing to admit that it started out by sending it to myself in emails bit by bit because I didn’t have software on my laptop at that time, so completely trapped in the mommy bubble of play dates and child development classes was my reality then. 
We all eat.  We all drink water.  Some of us drink milk. We all eat a lot of vegetables to be healthy and we go one step further by telling our clients to do so.  Many nutritional supplements containing seaweed and carrageenan (sourced from seaweed) contain ingredients from an ocean which is now contaminated in certain areas by Fukushima. Experts agree that radioactive fallout due to Fukushima will affect people world wide just as happened with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.  We in the nutrition field have the added burden and responsibility of sharing this information with clients and the general public.   As I write in Silence Deafening, “Rather than recoil in fear…Fukushima only serves to empower us to further action”.  When I think back to one year ago today, life seemed somewhat innocent.  Now that the planet and our lives have been forever changed, we must make sure it never happens again. Thank you for reading this, now read the book!  And be well.

Many thanks to Dr. Ed Bauman for recognizing the need for this book and for his very eloquent and truthful endorsement which you will find in the beginning pages. . It was definitely one of the publisher’s (and my) favorites due to the way he conveyed the overall threat of radiation in our food supply in a very concise and truthful manner.  If the link doesn’t work, you can search “Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout…A Mother’s Response (which I’m told is also Haiku).

Kimberly Roberson,
San Francisco, March 11, 2012