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Title: OATS - good or bad?
Post by: bebeding on June 07, 2019, 07:51:25 AM
I regularly consume Bob's Mills gluten-free oats (like in this smoothie recipe I posted:,16705.0.html)

I've come across a few articles claiming at oats are bad for digestion, etc. However, I genuinely enjoy eating oats as an alternative to eating bread for breakfast.

Is it really bad to be eating 3 tablespoons of raw oats everyday? Is it better if they are cooked? Or should I just avoid them completely...
Title: Re: OATS - good or bad?
Post by: Laura Knoff on July 03, 2019, 10:30:57 AM
The answer is that it depends. How do you feel? If you digest the oats well (no notice of any digestive issues)  and consume adequate proteins and minerals generally then you need not worry about eating "raw" oats. When people do not have adequate digestion and if they depend on oats as their source of minerals and protein (as in a vegan diet) deficiencies may result. You may find that by soaking the oats overnight you feel more energy because you can digest them better. Soaking, sprouting or fermenting grains, beans, nuts and seeds makes them more digestible and reduces enzyume inhibitors in these potential plants.