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Title: food sensitivity tests
Post by: trinavadon on May 26, 2019, 08:33:34 PM
Hi, does anyone have a company they recommended that does food sensitivity tests? Has anyone done them and how were their results? I know they can be pricey, so I'm looking for a reputable company that is accurate.

Title: Re: food sensitivity tests
Post by: Laura Knoff on June 07, 2019, 12:03:37 PM
Hi Trina,
Yes, there are several companies that test for food allergies and also some that test for non antibody reactions to foods also. All the antibody labs use the same technology, but the number of samples they use to eliminate errors and the portions of the foods they test against varies. For IgG and IgA antibody blood tests the most extensive and accurate at this time is by Cyrex but is also the most costly. They also test for reactions to food additives and they have a separate test for 12 components of wheat. Immunolabs is my other recommendation and they let you choose how many and what kinds of foods they test (including Kosher, vegetarian or childrens' panels). Genova does a good job, but are as pricy as the Cyrex test for fewer substances. I would avoid the tests that only use a blood spot for antibody testing as they may not have as much accuracy with so little sample. The Mediator Response tests for non antibody reactions can also help identify what foods to avoid. The most accurate, but difficult way to determine food sensitivities is with the Elimination diet with provocative food testing and can be done at home (with a practitioners support). Good luck.