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Title: Intuition Nutrition Girl seeks quiet, nuturing household
Post by: profatprolife on October 28, 2007, 10:26:23 PM
Hi my name is Holley Meisch. I'm 20yrs old and have been a resident of SC for just over a year now. I was a student up at UCSC for the past year, but have now taken a leave of absence to start up a new group/(nonprofit?) here in SC called Intuition Nutrition.  I'd love to live in a warm, cozy, quiet house with responsible women my age or older who are into eating a WHOLE foods, mostly vegetarian diet and would be interested in making and sharing meals/fermenting/culturing/soaking beans/grains/sprouts and doing stocks together ~using all organic and high quality ingredients. I have lot of resources and like to gain inspiration from cookbooks like Nourishing Traditions and Healing With Whole Foods. Also interested in living sustainably and responsibly~ gardens, chickens, eco friendly household products are all good. You can also visit the Intuition Nutrition website to learn more about me:
Please call/email (805) 302-3589,
Much peace and love,