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Title: Introduction to Breathing and Body Structure
Post by: Teleosis Institute on September 20, 2006, 10:11:06 AM
Wednesday, September 27th, 7-9pm.
Robert Litman, Director of Asthma Free Arizona and creator of The Breathable Body, will discuss how to use breathing as medicine for a variety of symptoms including: asthma, allergies, anxiety, snoring, excessive fatigue, digestive and immune deficiencies.

Please RSVP: 510-558-7285 or
Cost: $5 Teleosis Members / $10 non-members
Location: Teleosis Institute, 1521 5th St., Upstairs Unit B, Berkeley, CA.
For more information visit:  (

The Teleosis Institute is an educational non-profit organization that promotes sustainable medical practices that are good for people and the environment. The Institute provides educational programs, tools and resources to support health practitioners as they integrate environmentally sound strategies into their practice and create a new model of care called Green Health Care.