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Title: Distance Learning and Skype or similar
Post by: JuliaR on November 16, 2009, 03:00:50 PM
Hi there,

I'm currently a distance learning student and I am looking for some additional resources to stay engaged.  I find it difficult to not miss the interaction of a classroom setting.  Often I feel like I can't reach out and just chat with someone else about topics.

I know that one of the benefits of your online program (and one of the main reasons I choose BC) is that everyone can practice on their own time and at their own pace, but is there anyways to have some of the lessons via Skype? 

Also, is there anyone else out there on the forum that is having these same heartaches with the DL program. ???

Take care,
Title: Re: Distance Learning and Skype or similar
Post by: NatalieP on January 30, 2010, 11:15:14 AM
Julia - I am a distance learner as well, and I understand some of the drawbacks that you have been experiencing. I hope that some of the below pointers can help you as much as  they have helped me:

First of all, I have a notepad with me at all times. If I come up with a question (no matter how small) when I am reading or listening to a lecture, looking at a label at the grocery store, I write it down. I research it on the internet or at the library, and ask my mentor at our meeting if I still need clarification. Also, I found a student that is also DL at Bauman who started at nearly the same time as me, and we message back and forth if we need support. I would recommend posting in the NE or NC forum to ask if anyone is on the same module as you.

Secondly, to make sure that I am really absorbing the information, and that I really resonate with being able to understand and implement it, I do really silly stuff. I use my daughters chalk board at home and teach imaginary classes about the chapter that I just read, or use my notes from one of Ed's lectures to do so (my family thinks I am crazy - and my daughter is sick of me replacing her kitty pictures with long, scientific words). I also read a recreational nutrition book instead of watching TV or other time consuming stuff, so that I remember how fun nutrition is, and how inspiring it can be (not just the coursework).

YouTube is a great resource to look up lectures on nutrition and food politics (my favorite subject right now). Look up Michael Pollan, or Marion Nestle, and you will find some great video lectures. That always inspires me and gives me more umph in my day.

The other thing that has been really helpful is before I am done with a module, I will go back and go through my notes and the worksheets and manual, and find anything that I really loved and will type it in to my computer and make a questionnaire or flier about that subject. That way, by the time I am done with NE, I will have numerous materials to offer my clients in packages, rather than having to sift through everything over again.

I know the lectures can be a bit boring sometimes when you want to see someone, and ask them questions, but in a lot of ways I feel luckier. I have gained a sense of self-reliance and self-confidence that I may not have gained if I were in a school setting. It allows me to spend my time on those questions and passions that I have alone, and get answers from numerous resources and experts (rather than just taking a teacher's word for it).

Also, I talk, a lot (can you tell?)! I talk to my friends and family about what I am learning. I get feedback from everyone concerning questions that they have, that I never thought about. I really discipline myself to make this my life - and Bauman is just a satellite of that. So, to me, my classroom is the world. It is the grocery store, the conversation with a mom at school, the little note that I wrote after seeing inverted sugar on a label. My classmates are really anyone who triggers a reaction or a curiosity. And my teachers are the people (a plethora of them) in all of our lives that want to feel better, and have unique cases to teach us.

The DL seminar is coming up in April, and I think that will also be a great opportunity to meet Ed, and the staff from Bauman, and get little bits of experiences that can stick with us for a lifetime.

Lastly, the forum has been a godsend for me. If I ask a question, there is always a response, if not a flood of views, opinions, and beautiful feedback. You can post anything as simple as - What are the best fish to eat? to something as person as, I am scared of creating a practice of my own, what do I do? There is a lot of support from all of the amazing passionate alumni and staff and students.

Please keep my name on hand if you want to stay in touch - I would love to help in any way that I could.